January 8 daily horoscope


You may feel fortunate to be where you are today and looking forward to taking that first step towards a new journey. Todays Capricorn Sun has joined forces with Saturn. Likewise, several planets are home in their home sign. Aries is home in Mars. Neptune is in its ruling zodiac sign, Pisces. Jupiter is in the sign of Sagittarius and Saturn is in Capricorn.

This opens the door for this new year to move fast and furious with strength, and passion. Today's Capricorn Sun is enticing major changes as it expresses itself with a joining of Pluto. This brings great transformative energy and can open the doorway to growth and change, particularly in the area of your dreams.

When the Aquarius Moon harmonizes with Jupiter in Sagittarius it reminds all zodiac signs to act more charitably and when you do, it will bring you good luck and fortune along the way. Aries, try to avoid worrying about things that you can't control especially when you give advice that you're not sure if the person will follow.

Although you can't make someone do something that you know to work based on experience, your presence helps.

The moon is in Aquarius today.

Happiness is one way that we know we are where we are supposed to be. It's nice when you have a smile on your face even when you're not trying. The Moon in Aquarius is joined by the Sun in Capricorn — a responsible, self-disciplined and well mannered cosmic energy. At the same time, the Red Planet Mars is squared by the planet Mercury, forming a degree angle on the horoscope charts.

Daily Horoscopes for January 8,

But if you come across a situation today where a stand-off is inevitable and you will have to hold your ground, Mercury and Mars will be there to support you. Libra, your mothering nature comes out today. You may find your heart softens towards people who are in need, and friends that are going through a difficult time. Although you may want to listen, don't let a conversation online or over the phone run over too long and make you late or put off your own duties today. Prayer works. You can love as you do what's best for you.

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Scorpio, seek the peaceful side of things, and this may mean leaving a situation for a time until things resettle. You don't have to remain in the center of drama for things to get better. There are times when the strongest influence comes from outside of problem. Sagittarius, be generous with your talents and skills but also be wise with how to use them. You may be asked to do things in charitable ways but until you've taken care of your own needs, it's unwise to give your time away to something that doesn't give back some sort of equal in return.

Capricorn, animals, pets, and time spent with nature is never a waste of time. Spend today doing little things that connect you to the element of nurture and nature. Set a moment to do nothing but to allow the earthy side of your zodiac sign to refuel for future challenges and accomplishments. Aquarius, be committed to your promises. You may have someone or things that are currently depending on you to follow through and perhaps you're wavering on whether or not to do them.

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If you've made a promise, try to keep it. If you face adversity, lean into your guardian angels and ask for their assistance to give you the time, energy and resources you need. Pisces, marriage happens in many ways.

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You can be married to a job, a cause, or to a situation. Choose your partners wisely.

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When you have found a perfect match, don't hesitate to allow that thing or person into your life, especially if it gives you a sense of purpose or happiness. Follow her on social media.