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We astrologers are fascinated with time — especially an official one. Interesting concept at the Best blog.

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An apt reflection of both his look — very dramatic, very unusual, very special — and our public attention and speculation drawn to it. Thanks Mary. Interesting blogs. Did MJ die having sex?

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Who was there when he died? Do we have a chart for the doctor? Does it matter?? You do have some questions.. Did you follow that story? This means he was born on the morning after the full moon.

Michael Jackson Horoscope

Obviously there must be more people born that day, and they would have the same aspect in their birthchart. But if we have the right time of birth, he was born with the Moon node right at his Ascendant and that is probably much less common. After watching endless programs on Michael and listening to what friends and associates had to say, they always seem to be describing the side of Michael represented by his Moon in Pisces. Sensitive, extraordinarily creative, compassionate, almost a victim like personality, abused by his father and others.

Persecuted by the media, which he was. All of these descriptions confirm the Piscean side of his personality, but we Astrologers know that he also has Sun-Pluto conjunction in Virgo and in the 11th house of Aquarius, and that is an entirely different side of Michael Jackson, as it is expected of an opposition. Sun-Pluto personalities can be extremely good friends, loyal like no other, but they are also manipulative, vindictive, jealous and like to dominate. In this particular case being in the 11th house, his detachment could easily be interpreted as aloof and distant, which we also know he was.

Fortunately and unfortunately, he acquired quite a considerable wealth which allowed him to do what he wanted but also in a darker version, allowed to believe that he could buy anything or anybody as in the case of these doctors that provided him with all the medication he wanted. His persuasive power must have been pretty strong. With his Moon in Pisces he could easily victimize himself to get what he wanted, making people feel sorry for him. So, we can see how in this particular case, a Sun-Moon opposition worked positively in certain aspects but extremely negative for the individual.

He was the victim Moon in Pisces of his own extraordinary power Sun-Pluto. Half the population are walking around with pills in their pockets or handbags.

The characteristic and at times distressing criticism of Virgo, exaggerated by the obsessive Pluto, which made him such a great dancer, it also made him keep trying to perfect his face to unpleasant extremes, and it could have been easily projected onto his children eyes, Moon in the 5th something that it would have been unbearable for him. Venus the Goddess of love and beauty, ruled his 8th house of death, made a conjunction to Uranus, in his birth chart, which explains his quick departure, and it had progressed to his Ascendant.

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On December 18, , in Santa Maria, CA, he was charged with several counts of child molestation and administering an intoxicating agent to a minor in connection with allegations that he molested a cancer-stricken boy age 14 at the time of the felony charge in February and March of The pop star was indicted on April 21, by a member grand jury that convened on March 29, On April 30, , he entered a "not guilty" plea.

His pre-trial hearing was held on September 17, ; jury deliberations began on January 31, and his trial opened on February 28, On June 13, , after 14 weeks of trial, Jackson was acquitted of all charges including four charges of child molesting, one charge of attempted child molesting, one conspiracy charge and eight possible counts of providing alcohol to minors. At PM local time on June 25, an emergency call was placed for medical help and Jackson was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital suffering from cardiac arrest.

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Although it was reported that he had already stopped breathing, he was not officially pronounced dead until PM local time according to the media citing the coroner's office.. The official said he died at p. Pacific time. The cause of death was determined at the end of August after an autopsy,toxicology reports, and investigation.

His death was ruled a homicide by "acute propofol intoxication" and other drugs including lidocaine an anesthetic and various anti-anxiety medications. One of his physicians, Dr.

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  • Conrad Murray, told investigators that he had been treating Jackson for insomnia for about six weeks before the singer's death. On that fateful morning, Murray said that Jackson begged him for propofol and the doctor administered a dosage diluted with lidocaine. Minutes later Murray said that Jackson stopped breathing. In the documentary Leaving Neverland detailed new allegations of sexual abuse and led to a backlash against Jackson. Link to Wikipedia biography. Link to Astrodienst discussion forum. PT notes that these source notes are written roughly in the order in which they were collected by AstroDatabank staff.

    Zip Dobyns has AM "from a close friend of Michael's to a fellow astrologer. Basil Fearrington rectifies to PM in "Astrology of the Famed," writing in a footnote of the Introduction that "I had many opportunities to observe Michael but could not get close enough to ask him about his time of birth. Michael gave him a time of birth of PM.

    Michael Jackson Horoscope

    Edith Hathaway submitted the same time also from Chakrapani Ullal. PT also talked with Chakrapani who confirmed that he received the time directly from Michael. Ed worked at a record company and did charts as well.

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    When Michael Jackson approached Ed to read his chart, Ed sent Jackson away, saying something like "get the time from your birth certificate. Given that there are numerous reports with different times, many from Jackson himself, PT maintained the DD rating as of July Marie-Christine Sclifet quotes Jackson's nephew Taj Jackson on his twitter account "got the official word from Grandma herself. Uncle Michael was born at PM Straight from the birth certificate" [1] [2]. The following year August 29, I gave birth to another son.

    I remember that day well because my water broke while my neighbor Mildred White and I were driving over to see the new grammar school under construction, Garnett Elementary At my request Mildred drove me home. I called my mother and she and my stepfather drove me to Mercy Hospital. Shortly after I got there, I began having contractions.

    Michael Jackson Astrology

    Later that night, my son was born. There is poem by Michael Jackson, which reads as From Astro-Databank.