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Now most importantly, we just completed a period where most of the planets traveled through Pisces. Though there were certainly projects, relationships, etc that could have found completion at this time, it was really dealing more with our internal situation. We were being asked to say goodbye to some aspects of our inner self that had reached their expiration date. No more shitty childhood mentalities that cause us to act out as unconscious adults. We must now be more aware of our actions and even more so of the motivations behind them.

The same should be said for our goals and dreams.

Have we been walking a road with our soul for a compass, or have we been using something like a desire to please our family or insecurity around love to guide us? Thankfully, Mercury is still in that place of soul reflection, so we have some time to address our soul and ask for guidance.

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We can identify our outdated thinking patterns and give them the boot so that we can each truly heal from a deeper place. So, journal it out. Grab a bottle of wine and your best friend so you can just talk about your deepest fears. Anything that gets you closer to the core of what could be holding you back. And why the fuck should you be giving your power away to your thoughts if they are just covered in cobwebs and trying to sabotage your happiness? And like, now. You can actually have the new beginning you have been craving.

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In fact, while your mind is trying to contemplate your internal state of affairs, everything else in your life wants to be GO GO GO. You want to see change occur. Well, this full moon is the catalyst for you to break new ground. That is if you can take its cue and allow yourself to release the shit from your head that should be dead and gone. Then you can actually have the new beginning you have been craving. Uranus is a big player in all of this, and it wants you to invite the unexpected and unique.

To change, evolve, and be better? This week will bring experiences and interactions with people that will push those buttons. They will remind you of the new beginning you want but will also irk you when your old mentality wants to speak or act for you. You must allow the new, unique you to spring forth.

That is not growth.

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There needs to be a balance to it all. So just breathe through it and trust that the natural balance of things will assist you if you step into flow as your new self and stay aware. In a way, I am looking at this full moon moment as an opportunity and as an exam. We each made a pledge of evolution to our souls when we opened ourselves up to personal growth work. Or, will we fail to advance and fall back into a pattern of operating from old data.

I believe that if you are reading this, you have a shot at being the greatest version of you that you can be. I want that for you. Hell, I want that for me too. So want that for yourself and be willing for the change, the growth, to enter your life. For all his boasting, not only does Putin need to hide in the shadows, but he prefers to remain an enigma.

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Speaking of mesmerizing glamour and illusive spells, Neptune orbits at fourteen degrees Pisces throughout June, and stations retrograde on June Neptune has played a significant role over recent years. Its influence tends to cast doubt and cloud reality. While there are many instances of this Neptune influence, the question of news, fake or real, remains in limbo.

As Neptune pauses, its influence tends to be spell binding or spell breaking. People may be facing the contrast of numbing denial, and radical waking up aliveness.

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It's a choice. As the month rolls out, there is a distinct change in mood. On June 4, Mars enters the zodiac sign of Cancer. Just like the seaside crab that instinctively scurries to safety, this is a pulling back and turning within reflex. More than likely, most people will feel a need to return to their roots.

This can take many forms, but there may be an urge to spend more time at home alone, or perhaps connect with close family and friends. Home improvements, and landscaping projects can benefit. The zodiac energy of Cancer the Crab becomes even more prominent as the month unfolds, furthered by the Sun's entrance into Cancer on Summer Solstice. In tandem, Sun and Mercury enter Cancer on June As the lightest and longest day of the year, solstice is a time for celebration, and raising of consciousness. Our Sun radiates pure life essence as Mercury, messenger of the gods, interprets and translates experience into understanding and wisdom.

This particular solstice is powerfully charged with insight for those tapping into guidance. Closely following the solstice, a New Moon initiates a new 28 day cycle in the late evening of June Along with Mars transiting through the zodiac sign of Cancer, the universal themes of safety and security tend to dominate awareness on the personal, national and global levels.

Home, family and tribe is the sustaining foundation of daily life for each human. Between the refugee crisis and other humanitarian disasters, the vital importance of addressing and meeting basic needs is poignant and intense. This New Moon is ideal for contemplating and taking action on what can bring more stability in your immediate life circumstances. This includes the outer home, location and environment, as well as the inner domain of emotions and instinctual response.

Like the crab, some people carry their home upon their back, and can adapt easily to environments. Other people may put their focus on creating and sustaining harmony in their immediate surroundings. On the psychological level, this New Moon is excellent for healing the inner child, and emotional reprogramming. Astrology for the final week of June shows Mercury, the communicator, activating a planetary alignment called a T-square. We will see people alert, defensive, perhaps loudly proclaiming and complaining.

With the predominant Cancerian energy, many people will be more attuned to their needs.

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Feeling safe, physically and emotionally, is a basic human drive. In this sense, we may see individuals and groups hitting the wall of limitation, on the defense, pressured to take steps to better their circumstances. This breakthrough week continues into early July. A T-square is considered a challenging planetary alignment, whereby easy solutions are hard to come by. It is similar to standing at a crossroads and feeling forced to make a decision without the benefit of hindsight. In many cases, it becomes an impasse that can only be waited out. In the meantime, attempting to force a solution in a very complex and multifaceted situation can only exacerbate problems.

Speaking to the current political conditions, this T-square involves Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto. Jupiter entered a tense square with Pluto last November.