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All, To add to these posts news last night that Prince William is to visit Australia in January next!

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These coming Eclipses could hint of a possible Royal engagement? Isaac Starkman Hero Member Posts: When Prince William will be the new king of England?

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I have well rectified charts for many of the British Monarchs, so I made a search for the forthcoming 10 years and I have found out that around 17 May a trauma precipitating succession will occur in England. This fit perfectly to Noel's prediction some months ago that "within the January 01, chart, there is crucial astrological development focusing strongly near May 1, The Arcs and transits are startling". I analyzed the charts for England , Queen Elizabeth, her husband Philip, all their 4 children, Prince William, Prince Harry, her sister Margaret Rose, her mother and her father, altogether 12 charts.

Queen Elizabeth Radix: 21 April Prince William Radix: 21 June Pamela Young Guest. Isaac, thank you very much for this. So let me be sure I follow you - you're saying that William will succeed to the throne on or about May 17, ? If so, could you give some more information about Charles; what does his chart show as to why he would not be succeeding? Prince Charles: Radix: 14 Nov In the converse lunar return Moon on MC There is not even one single aspect that can indicate that he will succeed to the throne while his son has several strong indications.

Allanah Jr. Member Posts: Forgive my ignorance here, but isn't it Charles' natural right to be King once his mother dies.

I did not realize that Elizabeth could decide who takes the throne after her. Interesting topic. Isaac, thank you so much for your reply giving further information about Charles; sorry for the delay in getting back to you about it - I have to plead a combination of Christmas duties and the fact that I'm not well versed in primary directions, so I've taken some time pondering your post.

Allanah, I think you're correct that it would be Charles' right to inherit his mother's throne, in the normal scheme of things; you do have to wonder what's going on. Maybe Charles made a deal in order to marry Camilla, that he would give up becoming king in favour of William? The British public doesn't want Camilla to be Queen, which as Charles' wife she would become automatically, if he succeeds to the throne.

Paul says he's not surprised by this gesture and it echoes the same generous and inclusive spirit that Princess Diana embodied.

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I'm not surprised Meghan and Harry are inviting people from their charities to the wedding," the father-of-two notes. So watch that space and watch those two, they'll be coming to Australia very soon [for the Invictus Games]. Paul, who rose to fame as Princess Diana's butler and best friend after working for the Princess of Wales from until her death ten years later, also thinks Meghan and Harry will start a family this year. Harry also wants a large family and wants children as quickly as possible. It's the way forward to bring this Royal Family into this century. Paul says both Harry and William want big families.

As for the upcoming third royal baby, reportedly due on April 23rd, Paul doesn't hesitate to say he thinks it will be a boy. And he's got two regal titles picked for Prince William and Duchess Catherine's new prince. Paul Burrell is out of the jungle and dropping royal bombshells galore! Or Arthur!

Arthur or Albert — watch this space," Paul says. There'll be four, they want four and there'll be four babies for William and Kate. Just like The Queen, there was a gap between her [two kids] but William and Kate are running out of time, so they better get on with it!

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Frozen in time forever, the brothers were only 15 and 12 when they lost their mother. The Queen longs for a stable family to anchor her on the rough seas of public scrutiny, but this has not always worked out for her, as the perpetual tabloid open season on her private life if you can even say she has one has shown. The Queen Mother was a source of strength for her, but for the most part, Queen Elizabeth II has had to be her own sword and shield against the loneliness of being a monarch.

The Queen has a combination see-saw and bucket horoscope, with Saturn at the handle of the bucket [2]. With the bucket dynamic, her life force is focused on a single purpose being a dutiful monarch. The see-saw pattern is more complex.

Astrology of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles Relationship

It creates a going back and forth between opposing energies, such as the demands of being a monarch vs. Before, she was the most famous and respected Royal on the planet, her youthful activities noted with reverence and delight by the rest of the world; a beautiful princess in her own right marrying a handsome young prince; a majestic Queen coronated in a tradition going back nearly a millennium; and, finally, the proud mother of a handsome prince in a fairy-tale wedding.

She had to win back the respect and reverence of her people. During her time of greatest need, she was utterly alone. Saturn strikes again. But with Mars conjunct Jupiter giving her strength and resilience, the Sun in sturdy, well-grounded Taurus and the dynamic tension of the psychic power of the Moon conjunct Neptune opposing visionary Mars conjunct Jupiter, she harnessed these energies, grew like a great Oak and not only weathered the storm, but became stronger.

All of these events were set against a background of increasingly bad press about how much money it costs to maintain the Royal Family vs. A plethora of difficult transits besieged the Queen at this time. The marital discord permeating her family was a major disruption to the Queen and a blow to her image. First, she cut her summer holiday short and flew to London to walk among, and personally console, the bereaved British people. Then, she went on television to offer an official eulogy for Diana after being criticized for not responding quickly enough.

Next, she gave the royal blessing to a state funeral for the Princess. But the most drastic action of all was the voluntary agreement to the taxation of her considerable wealth, an unprecedented action by a monarch.

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As her Mother reached out to her subjects in WWII, walking the streets during the bombing of London, and her Father, King George VI, conquered his stuttering and battled his deep shyness for the sake of his subjects, so did Elizabeth II reach out to her subjects when they lost their English Rose. Even though they may not always have gotten along, the Queen learned a lot about working the press from her experiences with Diana. She has grown emotionally in her role as Queen. With her Sun in Taurus, she can defeat her enemies with sheer force of will and character, also by leading by example.

We could all learn from her example. She is in the unenviable position of having to set an example as possibly the last Queen. If so, she is determined to live up to her role. Prince William shares her Scorpio Midheaven, and has Jupiter there — he could rescue the monarchy with the abundant good will that flows to him from the British people. There has already been a payoff of positive public opinion for the Queen, which is reflected in the popularity of the movie about her. She is not just a survivor.


She is a Queen! As the last queen, if she is so, Queen Elizabeth II has the vision and foresight to save the throne.

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There has been much speculation over the years about whether or not she will abdicate the throne to Charles. In the new millennium, when royalty is considered by many to be an anachronism, Queen Elizabeth II has carried herself with grace and dignity and presented to her subjects a proper monarch of whom they can be proud. Whatever the future brings, she has dispatched her duty with great dignity, complete commitment and honor. The Power of Love vs.

People all over the world look up to the British Royal Family as a symbol of continuity in a world where nothing stays the same for very long. She has guided the monarchy through six generations, in an ever-changing pageant of history from the Cold War to the New Millennium. May we be blessed with many more years of her continued reign.

Yes, she will be a hard act to follow, but she leaves behind three Princes to ensure continuation of the royal line, and carry on the tradition of monarchy. He was the first heir to the throne to earn a university degree. Even though Prince Charles has Leo rising, and must be magnetic in person, he has always been a melancholy figure. Melancholy is a recurring condition among Windsor men, beginning with Prince Albert, who suffered from depression his entire life.

Prince Charles has it, too. There are several indications of this in his chart. First, he has Pluto in Leo in the first house. Plutonians can be overwhelming without intending to be -- it is the nature of Pluto to transform, and people who have Pluto in the first are agents for transformation, unwitting or otherwise. This can be very oppressive for both the Plutonian and the people with whom he or she interacts. Second, Prince Charles has Saturn in Virgo, which brings out some of the more negative Virgoan -- traits like being peevish, prudish and overly-critical.

The Queen outshines Charles, and he will always be in the shadow of her legacy. This is no doubt one of the sources of his melancholy. Finally, his Sun in secretive, stormy Scorpio puts the seal on his gloomy character because it is conjunct Chiron, a sensitive and important planetary influence.

All four members of this branch of the Windsor line -- Charles, Diana, William and Henry -- have a rare astrological configuration called a Yod. A Yod is an acute triangle formed by two planets sextile each other and both degrees away from a third, fulcrum planet. Charles has a Yod, a Stellium and a Grand Trine in his chart. The Yod indicates a special purpose in life. But, it is not so simple. With Chiron, the wounded healer at the fulcrum of his Yod, there is a deep, secret Scorpio wound within him that he is hard-pressed to heal and even leaves a residue of resentment.

Since the Moon and Uranus are the two corners of the triangle, the source of resentment could be women, his Mother possibly, and the confining nature of the social obligations against which he chafes Uranus. The Sun widely conjunct the focal point of the Yod, Chiron, pulls in the entire Stellium by reference.